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Corporate Training with ERP Scholars

ERP Scholars is a leading training company in ERP (SAP) to be more specific. We offer best corporate training.

At ERP Scholars, We are dedicated to your success and achievement of your vision. With every client, ERP Scholars value proposition is to apply best practices in reducing operational and training costs while extending the value of your SAP knowledge and skills. With ERP Scholars, you have the partner who understands the business aspects of best-of-breed training and how to help organizations and individuals to achieve world-class SAP training performance levels.

Experienced Faculty

At ERP Scholars we understand that no training is a success unless the training delivery is perfect, suits your needs and can be accommodated within your resources. This is why we carefully choose our faculties who have a minimum threshold experience in the related field of technology. Each trainer has an assured and proven track record of exemplary SAP experience and are capable of training right from beginners to senior professionals.

Training Venue

We also realize the requirement of our customers that the training intervention has a lot of other objectives other than just fitting the training budget. Which is why we offer a innovative service of conducting the training in a facility of the choice of the client. At office? In the training hall? In a special venue? Our trainers will deliver the training wherever you deem it to be fit.

Customized Training

No two clients are the same. We do not believe in the methodology that 'one size fits for all'. We have fixed training modules but customizable modes of training delivery. We are of the understanding that the same module can be delivered to one client by a trainer who only trains seasoned professionals while another client might want the same content to be delivered first by someone who is more into basics and then go on to higher strata concepts. You have it in mind, we have it in our service!

Client Satisfaction

ERP Scholars is one of the first companies in India to offer its clients the benefit of assessing its training programs through textbook methodology in actual. We almost always take about training evaluation, but often forget to actually put it into practice. We at ERP Scholars understand the client's need to add justification to the training expenditure spent on the training program and hence offer an evaluation structure whereby we guarantee the customer's delight.

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